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Foster and Homeless Youth Information

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (McKinney-Vento Act) (42 U.S.C. § 11431-11435) is federal legislation that ensures the educational rights and protections of children and youths experiencing homelessness. It requires all local educational agencies (LEAs) to ensure that homeless students have access to the same free, appropriate public education, including public preschools, as provided to other children and youths. The McKinney-Vento Act defines LEAs as public school districts, direct-funded and locally funded charter schools, and county offices of education. The McKinney-Vento Act also authorizes the funding for the federal Education for Homeless Children and Youths Program.
For assistance with homeless support, please contact the Homeless Assistance Program at (442) 265-0211.
Foster Youth
Foster Youth Services Coordinating (FYSC) Programs provide support services to foster children who suffer the traumatic effects of displacement from family and schools and multiple placements in foster care. FYSC Programs have the ability and authority to ensure that health and school records are obtained to establish appropriate placements and coordinate instruction, counseling, tutoring, mentoring, vocational training, emancipation services, training for independent living, and other related services. FYSC Programs increase the stability of placements for foster children and youth. These services are designed to improve the children's educational performance and personal achievement, directly benefiting them as well as providing long-range cost savings to the state.
District: Homeless Liaison
Principal or Designee 
McCabe Union Elementary School District 
701 West McCabe Road 
El Centro, CA 92243
Imperial County: Homeless Liaison
Dan Tewalt 
Homeless Care Coordinator
Imperial County Office of Education 
1398 Sperber Road 
El Centro, CA 92243
State: Homeless Liaison
Leanne Wheeler
Consultant, Homeless Education
California Department of Education
1430 N Street
Sacramento, CA 92514-5901
County: Imperial County Foster Youth Services
Kristina Contreras 
Manager, Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program
Imperial County Office of Education 
1501 "I" Street
Brawley, CA 92227
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