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Parent/Guardian Notifications and Rights

Annual Notifications and Rights

Annual Notifications and Rights

Notifications and Rights Regarding Special Education Notices

Notifications and Rights Regarding Special Education Notices

  • Proposed evaluation plan, related parental rights, prior written noticee, procedural safeguards prior to conducting initial evaluation

  • Notification and consent prior to functional behavioral assessment begins

  • Intention to audio-record IEP meeting

  • Time, purpose, location, who will attend, participation of others with special knowledge, transition statments - notifications early enough to ensure opportunity for parent to attend IEP meeting, if appropriate

  • Need for written request when parent/guardian orally requests review of IEP

  • Emergency intervention within one school day of emergency intervention or serious property damage

  • Prior written notice whenever there is a proposal or refusal to initiate or change the identification, evaluation, placement, or FAPE, including when parent/guardian revokes consent for services

  • Procedural safeguards notice upon filing of state complaint

  • Decision and procedural safeguards notice when disciplinary measures are taken or a change in placement

  • Child's name, address, school, description of problem, proposed resolution upon requesting a due process hearing

  • District responsibilities, district actions, procedural safeguards for eligibility for services under Section 504

Notifications and Rights for Classroom Notices

Notifications and Rights for Classroom Notices

  • Uniform complaint procedures board policy and administrative regulation

  • Complaints subject to Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures

  • Requirement to stock and make available free of cost an adequate supply of menstrual products that includes email address and telephone number for a designated individual responsible for maintaining requiste supply of menstrual products in any school serving grades 6-12 in a prominent and conspicuous location in every restrrom required to stock menstrual products

Notifications and Rights when Special Circumstances Occur

Notifications and Rights when Special Circumstances Occur

  • Types of records affected, date of breach, description of incident, contact information for credit reporting agencies

  • Civil law remedies available to complainants

  • Description of English learner reclassification process, opportunity for parent/guardian to participate

  • Reason for classification, level of English proficiency, identification as long-term English leaner, desciption of program(s), option to decline program or choose alternate, option to remove student from program at any time, exit requirements of program

  • Right to priority enrollment how to request priority enrollment

  • Intended use of pesticide product

  • Information on sudden cardiac arrest

  • Appeal process for interdistrict transfers

  • Student at risk of retention

  • Student has been excluded from school due to quarantine, contagious or infectious disease, danger to safety or health

  • Need to submit evidence of immunization or exemption within 10 school days; referral to medical care

  • Truancy, parental obligation, availability of alternative programs, student consequences, need for conference

  • Basis for the placement recommendation; foster youth educational rights, prior to recommending placement of foster youth outside school of origin

  • Suspension, expulsion, manifestation determination, or involuntary transfer of foster youth or Indian child

  • Parental attendance required; timeline for attendance

  • Damaged school property

  • Next school will continue withholding grades,diplomas, or transcripts

  • Release of student to peace officer for the purpose of removing minor from school, unless taken into custody as victim of suspected child abuse

  • Notice of suspension

  • Extension of suspension

  • Student assigned to a supervised suspension classroom

  • Intent to hold a closed session re: suspension

  • Hearing re: possible danger presented by expelled student

  • Reasons for denial; determination of assigned program

  • Readmission procedures when expulsion occurs

  • Notice of expulsion hearing

  • Decision to expel; right to appeal to county board; obligation to inform new district of statuts

  • Right to request a meeting with principal or designee before involuntary transfer of student convicted of certain crime when victim is enrolled at same school

  • Guidelines for filing complaint of child abuse at a school site with local child protective agencies

  • Student in danger of failing a course

  • Right to receive copy of student's record and a hearing to challenge content of student's records

  • Opportunity for input on proposed program: when district is considering program to gather safety-related information from students' social media activity

  • Scoliosis screening - suspicion that sutdnet has scoliosis

  • Vision/Hearing test results - discovery of visual or hearing defects

  • Negative balance in meal account; encouragement to apply for free or reduced price meals within 10 days of negative balance in meal account

  • Information on concussions and head injuries

  • Opioid fact sheet

  • Permission for test, survey questioning personal beliefs

  • Instruction in HIV prevention or sexual health by guest speak or outside consultant

  • Notice prior to administering survey regarding health risks and behaviors to students in grades 7-12

  • Results of test of English proficiency

  • Parent advisory council membership composition

  • The district's tobacco-free schools policy and enforcement procedures

  • Sharing student immunization information with an immunization system

  • Notification 14 days prior to sex offender coming on campus as volunteer

  • Resonse to complaint re: discrimination, special education, or noncompliance with law

  • Reasons for Title I placement, level of proficiency, instructional methods, how program meets child's strengths and teaches English, exit requirements, right to choose another program

  • Notice of policy for schools receiving Title I funds, upon development of parent involvement policy

  • When household is selected for verification of eligibility for free or reduced-price meals

  • When student is homeless or unaccompanied minor

  • Right to file formal complaint, availability of supportive measures, notice of process, reason for dismissal of complaint when student complains of sexual harassment, if applicable