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Interdistrict Information/Forms
The deadline to submit interdistrict petitions for the 2022-2023 school year is April 15, 2022.  Please email, mail, or deliver your child's petition to your district of residence for release by April 15, 2022.  School district emails and addresses are listed below.
Interdistrict Transfers Requesting the McCabe District
  • The window to submit an interdistrict petition is February 1st through April 15th for the following school year. Interdistrict petitions submitted after April 15th will be considered and based on available space and the reason for transfer request listed on the interdistrict petition.  
  • Interdistricts requesting to attend the McCabe Union Elementary School District must first be released for the district of residence.
  • Interdistricts requesting to be released by McCabe to attend a school district outside of the McCabe Union Elementary School District may be emailed to or delivered by hand for a signature.
  • A fillable electronic version of the interdistrict petition form is available below.  The form will not be accepted via email and must be delivered by hand or through the interdistrict mail from the district of residence after an approved release.
  • All requests are processed in the order received and approved or denied based on space in that particular grade level.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Petition processing may be delayed during summer (June, July, and August) due to limited staffing.
  • Notifications of an approval will be made via personal phone call or email.
  • Notifications of a denial will be sent out via USPS mail.
  • Board Policies regarding interdistrict petitions are listed below.
  • School District Boundaries Map
Board Policies Regarding Interdistrict Petitions:
School District Addresses: 
McCabe Union Elementary School District
701 W. McCabe Road, El Centro, CA  92243
ATTN: Becky Gibbs, Interdistricts
Calexico Unified School District
901 Andrade Avenue, Calexico, CA  92231 
ATTN: Eugenia Diaz, Interdistricts
El Centro Elementary School District
1256 Broadway, El Centro, CA  92243 
ATTN: Rosemary Martinez, Interdistricts
Heber Elementary School District
1052 Heber Avenue, Heber, CA 92249 
ATTN: Stefanie Cruz, Interdistricts
Imperial Unified School District
219 N. E Street, Imperial, CA  92243 
ATTN: Beatriz Fimbres, Interdistricts
Seeley Unified School District
1812 W. Rio Vista, Seeley, CA  92273
ATTN: Teresa Morales, Interdistricts
Interdistrict Transfers OUT OF the McCabe District
Definition: Students who live within the boundaries of McCabe and would like to attend school in another district. 
Note: Interdistrict transfers are required to be renewed annually.  
Please complete the Interdistrict Permit Application and email it to for release.  We will complete the MUESD portion of the request and send it to the requested district. It will be the parents’ responsibility to obtain approval from the requested district.
Interdistrict Permit Application (To avoid issues with the form below, please DOWNLOAD the PDF to your computer FIRST, then open the PDF and SAVE the changes before emailing the form.