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The Student Study Team (SST) consists of parents/guardians, teachers, and other support staff who are invested in assisting a student experiencing difficulties.  The SST meets to develop an understanding of the student's strengths and areas of need, review resources and strategies available, and fomulate a plan of intervention to resolve those concerns in the regular classroom.  Students may be referred by grade-level teams, individual teachers, other school personnel, or by parents.  Improving student achievement, attendance, or behavior is the focus of the process and depends on the students' needs.


Here's how a typical Student Study Team process might work:

  • Referral: A teacher, parent, or other school staff member may refer a student to the SST if they have concerns about their performance, classroom behavior, or attendance.

  • Data Collection: The team gathers information about the student's academic progress, behavior, and other relevant factors. This may include reviewing grades, assessments, attendance records, and teacher observations.

  • Meeting: The SST holds a meeting to discuss the student's needs and develop a plan of action. The team typically includes an administrator, teachers, school counselors, special education staff, and parents or guardians. During the meeting, they analyze the data and identify specific areas of concern.

  • Intervention Plan: The team creates an intervention plan tailored to the student's needs based on the information gathered. This plan may include strategies to address academic difficulties, behavior management techniques, or referrals for additional assessments or services.

  • Implementation: The interventions are put into action in the classroom. Teachers and other school staff work closely with the student to provide support and monitor progress.

  • Progress Monitoring: The team regularly reviews the student's progress to determine whether the interventions are effective. Adjustments to the plan may be made as needed.

  • Evaluation: After a designated period, the SST evaluates the overall effectiveness of the interventions. If students are making satisfactory progress, they may no longer require SST support. However, if concerns persist, the team may consider more intensive interventions or further assessments to determine if special education services are necessary.


It's important to note that the specific procedures and terminology associated with Student Study Teams may vary from one school district to another. SSTs are often used as a proactive approach to prevent more significant academic or behavioral difficulties and to ensure that students receive appropriate support to succeed in school.


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