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The role of the PTO President:
We’re looking for a creative problem-solver who is comfortable delegating and who can help us focus on the agenda and keep the meeting brief and on topic.  If you’re ready to play a substantial role in supporting our school, , students, and staff, we want to hear from you!  This is a two-year term. 
The role of the PTO Vice-President:
So you’d like to get more involved in the McCabe PTO, but you’re not sure you’re ready to take the lead role? Our vice-president position has your name written all over it! You’ll learn behind-the-scenes intel and be part of decision-making on important issues throughout the year. This is a two-year term.
The role of the PTO Secretary:
If you’re the kind of person who documents everything, we have the perfect role for you. You’ll get to put your stellar recordkeeping skills and attention to detail to good use as our PTO Secretary. This is a two-year term.
The role of the PTO Treasurer:
We have big plans to raise money and fund important projects for our school, and we need someone who likes to count every penny to help us do it. If you secretly love to categorize expenses and create color-coded pie charts, you have what it takes to be our PTO Treasurer. This is a two-year term.