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Annual Employee Notifications Training Modules Information

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The Annual Employee Notifications training may be completed through the San Diego Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Training Modules. Enrollment for the required modules will be managed through the Human Resources Office.
A copy of the certificate will placed in the personnel file. 
AB1432 Mandatory Reporter
This course meets the AB 1432 requirement and is designed for all staff (district and site level). All employees and administrators are required to receive Mandated Reporter training once a year. 
Topics covered in the course:
The frequency in which neglect occurs
Who is a mandated reporter?
What does maltreatment look like?
When should I make a report?
How do I make a report?
What happens after a report is made?
Length: 1 Hour
SB1343 Sexual Harassment Training
This course will describe the elements of sexual harassment and the remedies available to victims of sexual harassment under both California and federal laws. This course will describe other forms of unlawful harassment and explain strategies for preventing and responding to unlawful harassment.  The course identifies concerns regarding abusive conduct in the workplace. This is a one-hour course designated for all non-supervisor employees.
Length: 1 Hour
Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness
Length: 45 Minutes
Mandated Reporting: A Tool to Prevent SAMM
This training is designed for all staff including teachers, administrators, support staff, instructional aides, and volunteers. Topics include:
  • Explanation of sexual misconduct
  • Why it happens
  • How it impacts the people involved
  • What some educational personnel might consider questionable behaviors
  • How to avoid these situations
  • How to personally prevent improper and potentially damaging interactions with children
Length: 45 Minutes
Playground Supervision
A short course on proper playground supervision.
Length: 45 Minutes
Assisting in Suicide Prevention
Length: 45 Minutes
Sexual Harassment (Administrators and Supervisors)
The AB 1825 requires each employer to provide sexual harassment training and education to each supervisory employee once every 2 years. This course meets the requirements for AB 2053, AB 1825 and incorporates SB 396. 
At the end of this course, you should be able to:
Understand the impact of sexual harassment
Know how to reduce or prevent sexual harassment in your workplace
Identify behavior that demonstrates sexual harassment
Understand retaliation and how to reduce the possibility of it occurring
Understand what factors put your organization at risk for harassment
Understand how abusive conduct creates a hostile work environment
Recognize when people are vulnerable to sexually harassing behavior
Understand how company culture can influence sexual harassing behavior
Length: 2 Hours
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