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Camp Cuyamaca Parent Update Email

2:30pm - The buses are passing Golden Acorn.  Estimated arrival time for students is 3:15pm.  Luggage should arrive at 3:00pm.  It's been great communicating with all of our parents!  Thank you ALL for your patience and for continuing to watch for emails and website updates.  Have a great weekend!


1:40pm - Your children are on the road home to you!!  Estimated time of arrival is 3:30pm on the bus road.  The luggage trailer WILL make it home today, so you might arrive a few minutes early to find your child's belongings.  


The students will be tired, hungry, and SO excited to tell you about their week!  The final email will let you know when they have passed Golden Acorn.  They should arrive approximately 45 minutes from that point. 

1:12pm - The buses are on campus!  The students will be loading the bus shortly and be on the road.  Estimated time of arrival is 3:30pm.


12:55pm - Buses are being ushered around the fallen tree and seven miles from camp.  Projected time of arrival is 4:00pm.  We'll update you when they are loaded and leave camp.


12:12pm - The 79 is cleared, but has a downed tree across the road.  It's expected that the tree will be removed by 1:00pm at which time the buses will move on through to camp.  Estimated time of arrival back at school at this point is 4:00pm.  The luggage trailer is pretty deep in the snow.  We'll keep you posted on whether or not the trailer will come home today or need to wait a few days until the snow has melted.  All medications will be brought home with the students.


10:50am - McCabe buses are leaving campus and headed up the mountain!  


10:30am - 8 West is open and CHP is escorting vehicles through.  The McCabe buses will leave campus at 11:00am in hopes of the 79 being open by the time they get there.  The students will eat a corn dog lunch at 11:00am and be ready to go when the buses get there.  Our estimated time of arrival back on campus is between 4pm-5pm.  Continue to check back for updates!



Parents of 6th Grade Campers -


As many of you are aware, Interstate 8 and Highway 79 are both currently closed due to snow and ice.  We will continue to stay in contact with Caltrans and CHP for updates on road conditions.  Be assured, we are making every attempt to return your children to you safely.  The students are in a warm and safe place with plenty of food in their tummys.  They continue to have a great time with their teachers who love them and will do everything possible the keep them safe and happy.  


As of now, the plan is for our buses will head out at 10:00am if Interstate 8 is clear.  With the traffic currently backed up on the 8, it may take awhile for our buses to get to the 79.  We are making every attempt to have the children back before sundown.  


Please check back to the Cuyamaca page on our website for updates throughout the day:


Thank you for your patience as we diligently strive for the best experience and some amazing memories for your children!

McCabe Administration