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Safety Plan and Safe at School Reopening Plan

School Safety and Safety Plans

School Safety and Safety Plans

school safety

The McCabe Union Elementary School District assumes the responsibility of providing a safe environment for students, staff members, parents, and other visitors while being present at our school. In the event of an emergency that requires parents to be notified, the District will use the School Messenger program to email and send out a dialer to keep parents informed. The website will also be updated, as time permits, to keep everyone informed. 
 McCabe School District participates in one modified lockdown drill and one full lockdown drill per year. Teachers work with their students on being situationally aware of their surrounding for all surroundings and listen to the adults when outside. Staff is also situationally aware of surrounding and on how to get students' attention in the even of an emergency. There is a training for all staff at the beginning of the school year and prior to an emergency preparedness drill. Staff is also trained on using CatapultEMS, our emergency communication system, to communicate during an emergency. Our single school district also has both the transportation department and Maintenance and Operations department on site for support. We have over 50 hand held radios to communicate and six 800mhz radios to directly communicate with law enforcement.
Distance Learning Cohort Plan - California Department of Public Health: Guidance for Small Cohort/Groups of Children
On Friday, Sept. 4, the California Department of  Public Health unveiled updated guidance on providing in-person instruction to small groups of students. The guidance in this document can assist with the safely providing in-person specialized services, which include but not limited to occupational therapy services, speech and language services, and other medical, behavioral services, or educational support services as part of a targeted intervention strategy. The complete, updated guidance also addresses measures for preventing cohort interaction and maintaining physical distance measures while on campus.
Safe at School Reopening Plan August 2020 - The contents of this document including all schedules, samples, and “Best Practices” are drafts and subject to be revised/updated. In addition, content may change based on updates provided by the California Department of Education, Cal/OSHA, California Department of Public Health, and/or Imperial County Public Health Officials.

We will continue to adapt our plan and align its content to updates received from Federal, State, and County guidelines. This initial plan will help us prepare our campuses, create class rosters, assign student schedules, create teacher schedules, equip our teachers, and purchase both school supplies and safety supplies needed for the safe return to school. We are cognizant that our plan will continue to evolve and will take “shape” as we continue to receive new guidelines, get more clarification on safety protocols, and as our community faces new challenges brought forth from COVID.
The COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP) is comprised of the COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) and COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist. It is aligned with local and state health and safety protocols for a safe return to campus.
The School Reopening Plan provides an in-depth look at the day-to-day logistics of an in-person instructional model. 
School Site Specific Protection Plan - The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone in different ways. California is progressing through the California Resilience Roadmap, and as our local health trends permit, our students can return to our school facilities with modifications. As our community takes on Stage 2 of the Resilience Roadmap, and we work toward reopening our school facilities to our students, we need to draw on the strength of our interconnectedness to ensure that every school site is able to create an environment where students, staff, and families feel safe. As schools look to reopen their facilities to students, they must ensure they follow local, state, and federal guidelines before any students return to campus. No school site in Imperial Valley will allow students to return to campus until allowed to do so by the Imperial County Public Health Officer.